Updated: 3-point blends, smoother colors

Fresh from our labs… colors are now smoother and more precise (less banding), and we’ve added 3-Point blends!

3-POINT-BLENDS. When you blend colors, (by clicking “Blend”), you start by choosing a 2nd color. That gives you the option of a 2-point blend along a line. You can drag either color up and down the blend line. Now, you can also choose a 3rd color, which makes a slice through the 3D diamond, passing through all 3 of the colors you selected. This 3-point blend allows you to harmoniously adjust 3 colors to be more similar or different relative to each other.

These changes are available on this site, and also in the plugins. If you have the plugins, you can manually check for new versions from within the plugin.

Last Modified: 29-September-2010

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