Can’t connect to the internet – affecting some users

A small number of ColoRotate CS5 plugin users have received error messages about being unable to connect to the Internet. We are unable to replicate this problem, and do not know the cause.

User Ryan, referred us to a thread, CS Live can’t connect to the internet in the Adobe forums which discusses a similar problem that is affecting Adobe’s own Flash Panels.

We do not know the cause, and have no specific workarounds to suggest. Possible methods which have worked for some (not all) users are:

  • Enable ‘Allow Extensions to Connect to the Internet’ in Photoshop preferences (Preferences->Plugins->Allow Extensions to Connect to the Internet)
  • Do you use a firewall? If so, turn off your firewall
  • Restart Photoshop or your system (don’t bother doing that more than once)
  • Delete Adobe preferences
  • Disable 3rd party plugins and extensions

If you have this problem, and you are able to fix it, please let us know.

Last Modified: 13-August-2010

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