New iPad App!

ColoRotate is now available for the Apple iPad!

The app allows designers, artists, and color enthusiasts to quickly create custom color palettes. In under a minute, users can build color palettes from existing images or generate random colors with the color wizard. The app also allows complex, professional adjustments and displays color distributions in 3D.

Check it out in the iTunes App Store >>

Last Modified: 14-October-2012

One Response to “New iPad App!”

  1. April 19, 2013 at 10:07 pm, paul said:

    I do not understand the HSV hue scale. Other software, like adobe photoshop, the hue ranges from 0-365. On your app, the hue scale goes from 0-255. How does this relate to the usual hue scale. And the SV scales are not on a % metric like Photoshop…makes very hard to relate to your product


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