About ColoRotate

Like taste and smell, color is a sense that is processed by our brains in multiple dimensions. (Visit our ”Learn about color” section for more information.) Yet traditional methods of choosing colors on computers are limited to obscure sliders and flattened two-dimensional viewers. With ColoRotate, you can work with colors in 3D, in real time, and in a way that matches how our minds process color.

A rainbow of benefits

ColoRotate gives you the freedom to let your imagination fly.

  • Intuitive: In 3D, you can quickly see the multidimensional nature of your colors and the relationships between colors in a way that matches how your eye and brain perceive color.
  • Agile: Change your colors one at a time, blend two colors together, or transform a full palette of colors all at once with contrast and color joysticks — adjustments that previously have been beyond your reach.
  • Reliable: Take the guesswork out of setting up color harmonies or color contrasts by adjusting the distances between colors in 3D.
  • Efficient: Use ColoRotate’s quick drag-and-drop to adjust hue, brightness, and saturation. Import and export several formats, load from an image, or preview colorblindness. Soon, you’ll be able to save even more time with our Photoshop Plugin.
  • Piggyback: Browse themes created by the community, or search by tag, title, or creator to discover new color ideas.

ColoRotate has an intuitive interface that eliminates the need to memorize or jot down color combinations or numbers. Indeed, you can traverse across an open three-dimensional color space and choose (or design) the color palette that fits your needs. In the process, you can uncover color relationships that give your designs an aesthetic balance that will please the most discriminating eye.
The web version of ColoRotate also allows you to post palettes online. Post your palettes, and tag palettes to engage with the ColoRotate community.