Workaround for permissions problems when installing for CS5

If you have permissions problems when installing for CS5, you can manually install the ZXP files. The ZXP format is based on the zip specification, so you can download zxp, change extension of this file to “.zip” and open with your un-archiver.

For Windows:

Copy unarchived files to:

Photoshop CS5: Disk:Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CS5/Plug-ins/Panels/ColoRotate/content

(you will need to create the “ColoRotate” and “ColoRotate/content” directories)

Fireworks CS5: Disk:Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Fireworks CS5/Configuration/Command Panels/Others

On the Mac:

Photoshop CS5: Applications:Adobe Photoshop CS5:Plug-ins:Panels:ColoRotate:content

(you will need to create the “ColoRotate” and “ColoRotate:content” folders)

Fireworks CS5: Applications:Adobe Fireworks CS5:Configuration:Command Panels:Others

If you are using CS4, contact us, and we will send you uncompressed files.

Last Modified: 28-June-2010

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